© 2010 Sergio Baradat


To a biologist the terms : diatoms, angiosperms or protoctis are common.These do not usually form part of an artist’s vocabulary; but such is art and our unexpected sources of inspiration. Simple organisms presented in an elegant and straightforward way, opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of looking at one source of life as building blocks for my body of work. In the Natural History Collection, I have been amassing a visual arsenal that I can expand on in various disciplines.  After many trips to the Museum Of Natural History in New York I have come to see these microorganisms as representations of galaxies with planets and space ships travelling through time. I can also see Kandinsky and Miró in these. The addition of plastic shapes, beautiful pills strangely reminiscent of candy, geometric constructions that are mathematically correct juxtapose with natural forms to create tension. The placement of calligraphy, a thumbprint, represent my bearing witness to the cycle of life, art and the stars.